Donate old currency, old useless leftover foreign coins and notes today! Community Works has teamed up with Cash4Coins to raise funds to support people and families in our community from donated old and foreign currency.

How to donate…

Take your coins and notes to our Re-use Store in Thirsk Market Place

You can also leave donations at Community Works HQ on St. James Green or at Community Works House (the old Thirsk Community Care office).

What can I donate?

Donating is very easy. Cash4Coins will accept ANY foreign coins and notes AND any old British and Irish coins and notes. All of the following is accepted: All foreign coins and notes – from any country All pre-Euro coins and notes All pre-Euro banknotes Old British coins and notes Old Irish coins and notes All pre-decimal coins Commemorative coins Damaged and garbled coins Bulk mixed foreign coins

Is there currency that you don’t accept?

We accept ALL old coins and notes. However, some can only be exchanged at a nominal or scrap value. The good news is that we do all the sorting and counting and list all items. So please donate everything.